Dee’s Cognitive Corner

A little grace and self-awareness can go a long way in creating your most authentic and powerful self.

my anxious companion

It’s 3:18am on a Thursday morning and yet again, I’ve been shaken awake by the antagonist in my head. Anxiety and I have been companions since before I can even remember. I’ve spent years trying to reclaim authority of my own mind, and I’m sure many other people can relate to this struggle. By sharingContinue reading “my anxious companion”

self-awareness and grace

When was the last time you noticed one of your insecurities and felt frustrated, annoyed, and hopelessly defeated by the belief that your insecurity can’t be changed? My hope is that by the end of reading this post you will be able to transform that belief, look your insecurities in the face and say, “IContinue reading “self-awareness and grace”

about dee!

Diana Krump, fondly known by her friends (that includes you now!) as Dee, is a 4th year Psychology major and music minor at Westmont College; located in sunny and beautiful Santa Barbara, CA (yes you can be jealous that’s okay;)). Long term, she hopes to graduate college, earn her PhD in Clinical Psychology, start herContinue reading “about dee!”

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“The healer you have been looking for is to know and love yourself completely.”

– Yung Pueblo